Feb 19th 2021 | Yu Nakamura


Tsunami — a series of waves caused by earthquakes or undersea volcanic eruptions (NOAA) brought us about fear of death. In past, between 1998–2017, tsunamis killed over 250 000 deaths globally (WHO).

Since I investigated the damage due to earthquake and Tsunami incidents in the world in my previous story, I come up with one question: What type of earthquake can trigger Tsunami? In my previous article, I tried clustering and PCA analysis to find two distinguished groups which is potentially useful for the identification of the earthquake type associated with Tsunami occurrence. …

Natural Hazard Mapping

February 10th, 2021|Yu Nakamura


As everyone is aware, we all who live on Earth have to deal with natural disasters such as earthquake, volcano activity, drought, flooding, wildfire, landslide, and so on. Among those various disasters, the massive number of lives were taken due to earthquakes. Tsunami which is a Japanese word that translates to “harbor wave” has often caused by earthquakes, and it has been responsible for over 500,000 fatalities across the world.

In this study, I review the damage of earthquakes and tsunami in the world to provide a knowledge of where and how much significant damages were…

Yu Nakamura

Geologist. Currently enrolled in Data Science & Analytics Graduate Program at University of Calgary, Canada.

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